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 FAQ: Statistics
FAQ (Často kladené otázky) >Statistics
Want to have your squadron included in statistics?What is a Streak?
Want to have your squadron included in statistics?
Write Personal Message to 310_Podrs, where you state:

1.) full name of the squadron
2.) name of commanding officer
3.) prefixes or full names of pilots that are members of the squadron
4.) if available, link to squadron website.

Note: Only pilots, that made at least one sortie on the server can be included into statistics.
What is a Streak?
Streak is a total number of enemy planes you shot down in all sorties.
Streak ends when your pilot status is KIA or MIA and then it starts from zero again.

AI planes does not count into streak, only victories against human pilots are counted.

Your streak count in the statistics table will be automatically hidden, if you do not perform at least one sortie in a week (therefore hiding streak of inactive players). The streak does not end in that case, if you then make another succesfull sortie ending in a aerial victory, streak will continue uninterrupted and will be shown again in stats table.
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servers R UP

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servers R UP Úsměv

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Thanks a lot Achileus!

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Hello everyone! Úsměv We are planning to fly today at 20:00 UTC+3 (Moscow) (c) some bombers Mrknutí

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Hi everyone! Servers not working ((

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it's working again

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