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Real time full sortie
Hi, lads. ~S~
Thanks for this great server. IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 is still alive and fun! 4 of us had some great time couple days ago on server, and I recorded one of the missions live,
and it turned to be really fun one.
We were lucky to come back and land all 4 of us, after we had some ground attacks and shot down couple of blue planes.
You don't have to watch it whole, you can jump from action to action using time tags at the top of the screen.
Once again thanks for great fun, and cheers. ~S~
YouTube Video
Nice videoÚsměv
Nice video Honcho! I'm glad to still see some great pilots in this server. It is sad to see many leave for other sims ... 46 still is the most fun IMHO

@Mart - Thank you. Glad you like it Úsměv

@Riksen - Thanks, Riksen, really kind words. It is true what you say, many leave this game, but to this day, this game stays daddy, and holds the crown!!!
New games might have fancy graphics, still have long way to go to become what 1946 is today.

Thanks for comments, boys, and see you on skies! ~S~
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26.11.2017 02:56
Thanks Matylda. I answered. Cheers!

25.11.2017 08:25
Taro PM

07.11.2017 22:52
Thanks Achilleus. Regards.

31.10.2017 20:31
UP again

29.10.2017 17:58
Both servers are offline Smutný

09.10.2017 20:27
310_Podrs, please check your email. I sent you two new maps for AoP server Úsměv Cheers!

04.09.2017 21:12
thank you.

01.09.2017 23:06
IP adress of AoE TS3 is changed:
password: aces

29.08.2017 00:45
Ok, thx very hodně Úsměv jsem tam Úsměv

28.08.2017 21:26
reboot servers are ready


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