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Future of the Server
Hello dear Pilots, dear Admins

I restarted playing my all time favorite 'IL2' this summer after a break of 3 years. And I want to tell you: I'm very surprised how many people still playing online. There were several occasions with over 30 people since and 10+ are no rarity! This server is more or less the last bastion of the full-real fraction in the western hemisphere and I really love to play here! Many very good missions - I especially want to praise Taro - and the basic fact you are providing us with the server make me want to thank you very much!

Sadly I heard rumors about you may shut it down. Is this a thing or just rumors? I know how much effort and money is needed to run a server, so I always take such rumors seriously.
If this isn't true I'm very happy and I would like to thank you for providing us with this server by helping you out running it. I used to create missions for years and provided them to a server like yours. Even I was involved embedding them into the fbdj.
So now that I'm back playing the game, I'm also back creating missions. If you are interested I really would like to provide you with them.
I already started creating a mission and it's actually nearly finished, but first I need to know if you are interested at all and, if you are, what do I have to look after? Are there any limitations towards the size of the mission file for example or things like this? Also could somebody please provide me with the text you read when you haven't selected a side yet, containing the server rules?
Thank you in advance.
I'm very interested in history, so naturally I tend to like historic and accurate missions. This is my goal with all my missions combined with the fun factor. If you want to see some 'work in progress screenshots' I will provide them to you happily.

Thank you for reading and maybe answering and, again, thank you for AoE & AoP!
Davesteu Úsměv
Hi Dave,
thanks for your comments, the answer for your question regarding the end of AoE, which may concern the others as well is, that there is no such plan for end of Aces servers, at least none that I know of Úsměv
The rest you have in PM.

Have a nice day,
ACES DF Servers Admin
So some time passed and I again have some topics to maybe talk about. Mrknutí
To save unneccesary new threads for each question I just post them all here, even as they are different topics.
First topic is about my map again. As I haven't recieved any more information yet and to show I wasn't only talking I want to give you a sneak preview of:
Lento-osasto Kuhlmey Karelia 1944
Short history: https://en.wikipe...nt_Kuhlmey

This mission will be as historical accurate as possible in Il2 1946. The aircraft line-up is as historical as the targets are, the airfields, ...
Still this mission should be enjoyable to play.
I decided for this scenario as there are very few eastern-front missions on this server and I heard some people complaining about it. Also for me this scenario is very interesting and I never saw a somewhat proper representation of it.
VVS: IL-2, La-5, P-39, Pe-2, Tu-2, Yak
Ilmavoimat: B-239, Bf-109, Ju-88, M.S.406, Mörkö Morane, Pe-2, Pe-3
Luftwaffe: Fw-190, Bf-109 (G8 only!), Ju-87

Here are a few shots of the overview-map aswell as two airfields (Gorskaya, Immola). Note how heavily Gorskaya was modified to make it look somewhat like the real airfield. I used aerial photographs whenever I could locate them and modified all airfields in a similar manner to Gorskaya. If I couldn't find any information I still modified them in a logical manner, as those old standardized IL2 airfields are very boring and not really realistic.
Immola wasnt even represented on the map, so I build this crucial airfield from scratch as I did with various other locations on the map. But now see the pictures and find out about the other locations in the future, when the map hopefully will be running in the cycle Úsměv


Next topic is about the Teamspeak. A few days ago the server started sending people privat messages containing advertisement. You get a message like all 5 minutes and it's honestly really annoying. But it doesnt look like something you guys did but more like a spam-bot or something?
Staying technical: some people like for example Munster wanted me to ask if a reset of the AoE-Statistic would be possible. I have to support this request as they are very, very slow. Maybe this inflicts the server-crashes also?
The last topic is more like a dream. I dont know if you guys know about the recent "BAT" modpack made by the guys from sas1946.com, but basically it includes everything ever modded for IL2 by those guys.
Is a change to a new modpack even debatable? I know about the work when we changed from UP to HSFX...

Thats all - and most likely enough Šklebící se
Everyones comment, especially on the mission, welcome Úsměv
Upravil/a Davesteu dne 18.02.2017 22:55
Hello it's a nice idea but BF109 G8 (1944) VS LA-5 (1942) really?


Upravil/a 615sqn_Buzz dne 20.02.2017 12:56
Hey Buzz,
thanks for your thoughts about the map! Úsměv

Of course the Soviets don't get the La-5 in it's original version, but the F and FN. I just didn't write the full nomenclature of all aircraft. But I see why this causes misunderstandings so here ist the detailed line-up:

IL-2 AM38F arrow wing (in-game called Type 3): Most developed version used on this map because of the hard time bomber/attacker already get, but of course she was used operational during this campaign - alongside older ones.
La-5F/FN: Both version were produced alongside each other for many month; one of the closest airfields to the front holds 12 La-5FN, but when they are gone you have to fly the F from the island in the gulf or FN from the airfield furthest away
P-39N/Q10: Was one of the mainstys during this campaign; Q10 is very fast and has VVS-correct waponary without the wing mounted guns; sadly Q10 has no rear visability thru a HSFX-bug
Pe-2 S.359: nice medium/dive bomber; most developed series used on this map for the same reason than with IL2
Tu-2: excellent aircraft with high speed, good waponery and heavy payload; has a troublesome history and was used the first time in larger scale at the beginning of the Vyborg–Petrozavodsk Offensive this map is portraying
Yak9D/T: The secound mainsty of the Soviet fighter-force during this campaign; sadly largely overshadowed by La-5 in all IL2, exept the most recent, and mostly all other aircraft related games too; still a very good aircraft; I love her CoolŠklebící se; hopefully will be used more than La alongside with P-39 as it was in reality

B-239: still soldiered on during 1944; one of them was the only victim of 400th IAP based on this maps furthest away red airfield
Bf-109 G2/6 early/late: Mainstay of the Finnish fighter-force
Blenheim Mk.I/IV (forgot her in my first post Naštvaný): Mainstay of Finnish bomber-force; Mk.IV was localy produced
Ju-88 A4: Most modern bomber aircraft in Finnish inventory
M.S.406: An 1944 already elderly French fighter but still soldiered on; included mostly for accuracy but might be worth a try for fun; base for the highly interesting:
Mörkö Morane: M.S.406 with Yak's engine and 109 armament; funny aircraft; limited to two pieces as only two where already operational during the depicted timeframe
Pe-2 (four pieces), Pe-3 (one piece): Captured birds used for reccon missions throughout the war

Fw-190 A5 1.65Ata: Only carrys wapon loadout U17 and thus equals a F-3 version
Fw-190 F8: Limited to four aircraft as it began being supplemented to the unit only towards the end of the campaign and only in small numbers as the western front hat priority over this scenario
Fw-190 A6: Sole fighter used by the Luftwaffe in the area; no 109s, which brings a nice change as at least if you fly a 109 you do so with Finnish markings and not with Balkenkreuz
Bf-109 G8: Reconnaissance aircraft based on G6; limited to eight aircraft as in reality and also to force more people into the Finnish 109s; only armed with MG151/20 to save weight and gain speed as it wasn't a fighter
Ju-87 D5: One, if not the last time this aircraft was used in large numbers during daylight with massiv succes
Hey Davesteu ok it's nice... I hope we fly on this map.

A good idea to run new fresh missions on AoE. In fact, there are hardly any Eastern front maps (1-2?). I am in favor.
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