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Operation Rhubarb


Hallo pilots!

Let me invite you to another special event named Rhubarb. Mission is set to May 1941, before Fw-190 arrived to Channel front. First Spitfires V and Bf-109F-2 arrived to channel squadrons. You can expect bad weather, map 1:1 and technical advantage for Bf-109F vs Spitfire I/II. New enemy for Messerschmitts will be Westland Whirlwind. Anohter notable addition will be difficulty settings. We erased most of warning messeges like "pilot wounded", "fueltank leak" etc. "Engine overhaeting" mesage is replaced with "~ ~ ~" because some temperature instruments does not work correctly. Pilot needs check instruments or controls to find what happened with aircraft after it was hit. We erased information messages (throttle %, prop pitch %, gear up/down, flaps etc) and informations about ground unit or air unit destroyed. Pilot needs make notes about what he hit, what happened with target and where which time, like real pilot. He can make claim in debriefing after action here on forum.

We have red side full, we need blue pilots.

Mission date: 28.12.2016 21:00CET
Duration: 4 hours
Il2 version: 4.12.2 + HSFX7.0.3 + Rebarbora modpack
HSFX Server IP:
HSFX server pass: RBB1941
TS3: :9987
TS pass: War_2013_22
Modpack: https://yadi.sk/d...cCb3346MEY
Map: 352nd Cross Channel (on DF map cooperated 311_Vont, Tozzifan, OREL_Erichos)
Map for print: http://leteckapos.../850572503

HSFX JSGME activation:
HSFX history mod
Rebarbora final V5
Effects low (this is my suggestion for better FPS, not needed for RhubarCool

Trening map OREL HSFX server:
Pass: RBB1941

TeamSpeak V3:
Pass: War_2013_22

Rhubarb event map:


There are some planes planned as limited (Spit V, Whirlwind, Bf-109F-2, Bf-109E-7/B ). Each squadron will have 6 pilots. I can make exception if it will be needed for good reason. There will be some rules to make some order. If you will be killed, you will take plane from supply airfield and fly to your unit. You will bring plane and pilot. If your unit will have 6 pilots but only 5 planes you need bring new one from supply airfield (if you fly limited aircraft no way to bring same type new one. All your planes will be on airfield as static. Your squad will move to older type which you need get from supply airfield). Or it is not allowe fly over clouds. Exception is for emergency if you have very low fuel. Clouds are for cover. Bailed pilots over Channel will be recorded as Missed In action. Does not matter on which side of front he bailed. As in reality we will know what happened with this pilot after action - we will look into logfile after mission (will be uploaded somewhere for everyone). New pilot with new aircraft will be available for resupply flight from supply airfield. Etc. I will try translate rules to english.

What will pilots do on this mission? THey will fly defensive CAPs or offensive raids. For offensive raids they will attack everything what may be useful for enemy with guns or bombs - ships, trains, train stations, harbours, vehiscles, planes, airfields... everything... This event is not about points for statistics. All you will have will be your notes on paper - claims. Maybe logfile will confirm your claim, maybe not.

There is needed leader for each side on Rhubarb event. Red leader is ready. If there will be no leader, flight leaders will collaborate. Leader is needed to coordinate squads. He can be pilot and fly. He may send planes for recon or armed reacon over enemy teritory. Most of the targets will not be known and leader will need recon informations. He may plan roles for squads etc.

Sign here for squad and plane.


92. squadron Spifire V (limited. If loose all plane it will move to unlimited Spit IIa/b )
1. ZVP_Alex
4. ZVP_Pedros
5. ZVP_Ozzy
6. ZVP_Blonďák

145. squadron Spitfire IIa/b (unlimited)
1. olda maly
2. OREL_Erichos
3. OREL_Slepejec
4. 310_Max
5. 310_Pepno

501. squadron Spitfire Ia (unlimited)
1. 606_Druindin
2. 606_JuLB
3. 606_Demon
4. 606_Dzori

606_Sparrowhawk 50%
606_Vencour - zatím na 50%

263. squadron Whirlwind I (limited. If loose all plane it will move to unlimited Spit Ia)
1. 311_Mart
2. 311_Vont
3. 311_Liboch
4. Tozzifan
5. 310_Pip

252. squadron Coastal command Beaufighter I (unlimited)
1. CSAF_Tistar
2. CSAF_Fellyn
3. CSAF_Faintingh
4. CSAF_mar117117
5. CSAF_Rudyhanke
6. CSAF_Vachtar

217. squadron Beaufort I Late (unlimited)
1. magot
2. Matylda
3. batoh
4. TriBaby_veikso
5. TriDuby_Luky
6. TriDuby_Sidewinder


III/JG26 Bf-109F-2 (limited. If loose all plane it will move to Bf-109F-1)
1. SR_Nik_cz
2. SR_R4W3Z
3. SR_Voodoo
4. SR_Judas
5. JG7_Leo
6. II./JG77_Helldog

III/JG2 Bf-109F-1 (unlimited)
1. OREL_Ninos
2. OREL_Kolibrik
3. III./JG1_Willy
4. III./JG1_Gunman
5. Letka_13/Robo.
6. Letka_13/Algy
7. Letka_13/Kukulo

I/JG2 Bf-109E-7/B (limited. If loose all planes it will move to Bf-109E-4)
1. 2/JG26_Voyk
2. 2/JG26_Hasic
3. 2/JG26_BIVOY
4. Pepi
5. Reserved (Raptor)
6. Grassi_CZ

II/JG2 Bf-109E-4 (unlimited)
1. 5th_munster
2. Esau
3. II./JG77_Foch
4. Davesteu
5. Seby

SKG210 Bf-110D-3 (unlimited)
1. Vladis
2. otto
3. Saldy
4. karl
5. OREL_Chirurg
Letka_13/Colonel 50%

II/KG40 He-111H-6 (unlimited)

II/KG54 Ju-88A-4 (unlimited)

Upravil/a Kukulo dne 28.12.2016 01:28
Reserved for rules
Modpack changed to V5. See first post.
Very nice to see there are still events being planned Cool

I would like to enlist 5th_munster, Esau, II./JG77_Foch and myself into II./JG2.
But we ALL don't know for certain if we can participate.
Upravil/a Davesteu dne 23.12.2016 22:23
109 F-2 for me please. Úsměv
Added to roster guys. Welcome on board!

Davesteu: rgr. You are on pilot roster. You will see if you will fly or not.

Leo, I reserved one pilot slot in your III/JG26 for your katschmarek. It is better fly as kette which speaks english/german. If you wll not have english/german speaking katschmarek, let me know I will delete reservation. You may fly as single fighter too.

Guys download modpack, and try what is changed. Join to server for test.

Our plan was lead you to register on OREL forum to see english private topic, but we noted that register formular is in slovak language only. So I will send you Personal message here on AOE forum with needed informations.

Will translate rules ASAP.
Upravil/a Kukulo dne 24.12.2016 09:55
Hi guys. Tommorow 26.12.2016 at 21:00 CET is planned server test. If you have time please join to test. Take a look on FPS, lags, or any other problems. We need test mechanism which count planes for every airfield. So respawn on your airfield and kill all planes you have. Than get new planes from supply airfield land them on your airfield and see if they are counted as new planes on your base.

Join to Orel TS3. Adress and pass you can find in firs post.

Hey Kukulo,

could you please add II./JG77_Helldog and Seby to II./JG2? Úsměv
Upravil/a Davesteu dne 26.12.2016 15:06
Thank you guys for test. Joined cca 40 pilots which is nice. With your help we found some problems whose were fixed. We are ready for event night I believe Úsměv
Guys, yellow square are borders where is event Rhubarb situated. You can fly out of these yellow borders, but you will meet no targets. I do not see sense fly out of map (mean game map). So if you fly out if yellow borders there are no restrictions for you, but you meet no targets.


veľmi rád som sa s Vami zúčastnil ďalšej výbornej akcie. Kukulo, Erich a všetci čo sa na príprave podielali...klobúk dolu. Bolo to veľmi zaujímavé a ubehlo to veľmi rýchlo.

Aspoň jedna foto zo spoločného prvého pristátia našich Bf-110tok :
Najďalej je Saldy, v strede Vladis najbližšie je Colonel.......,žial môj wingman Chirurg je mimo záber.


Salute všetkým...Mrknutí
Díky páni za super akci především ale všem z I/JG2 (2/JG26_Voyk, 2/JG26_Hasič, 2/JG26_BIVOY a Pepi) + doprovodu Friedrichů od III/JG26. ... Jen krátce co mi utkvělo v paměti... všechny lety parádně odkočírovaný Voykem... návrat z 1.mise pod vedením Hasiče (... první co jsme po návratu do Francie viděli bylo naše letiště..)..při druhém letu Hasič načal HMS Flower Corvette, já jí jen dorazil.. Při třetím letu si nás bohužel podali Spity (tušim. že od No. 92 Sqn.)... Zdravím a těším se na další speciálku ;o)
Statistics for Rhubarb event:

Change language and search for your pilot:
Upravil/a Kukulo dne 29.12.2016 11:25
Dakujem organizatorom a aj zucastnenym.
(prispevok uverejneny aj na SVK)

Saldy v skratke popisal nase prve dva bojove lety. (na SVK) Len upresním po saldyho odchode som dal treti a posledy let, kým colonel exceloval s Ju-88 a nicil lode spojencov, ja s chirurgom sme sa odhodlali branit Cherbourg pred nelietavajucimi spojencami s Bf-110, zatial co chirurgovi sa podarilo nejake vitazstva, mna dostal Whirlwind. (Vont musis pripisat tusim Martovi jedno vitazstvo nad Bf-110, aj ked moj strelec sa snazil a mozno aj dal nieco mojmu premozitelovi, no nestacilo to.)

Takze moja bilancia:
z 3x let, 1x uspešné priastie na domovskom letisku, 1x MIA (premozitel ZVP...), 1xKIA (premozitel 311_Mart), uspechy: 1x znicená corvetna lod.

Upravil/a Vladis dne 30.12.2016 12:10
Guys, if you have some sugestions, flight reports, kill claims or whatever let us know here Úsměv
Was a real nice mission, I hope we can do more soon. Good work!!
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