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    Star Ocean

    Star Ocean is an action role-playing game developed by tri-Ace and published by Enix (now Square Enix) in 1996 for the SNES.

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    Star Ocean storyline

    In the year 346 SD (Space Date), humanity has colonized planets throughout the galaxy and established a vast network of interstellar transportation known as the Sorcery Globe. The Sorcery Globe utilizes ancient technology that is powered by a mysterious energy source known as “Symbol Stones.”

    The story begins on the planet Roak, where a young man named Roddick Farrence lives in the peaceful village of Kratus. One day, a strange disease known as the “Demon’s Sickness” begins spreading throughout the village, turning people into stone. Roddick and his friends Millie and Dorne, who are members of the village’s local defense force, set out on a journey to find a cure.

    Game description

    The game follows the journey of a young man named Ratix Farrence, who lives on the underdeveloped planet Roak. When Ratix’s friend Millie falls ill due to a mysterious disease, Ratix sets out on a quest to find a cure and soon finds himself embroiled in a much larger conflict that involves the fate of the entire galaxy.

    One of the most notable aspects of this game is its real-time combat system, which allows the player to control their characters directly in battle.

    The game also features a complex skill system, which allows characters to learn and improve upon various abilities such as weapon proficiency, magic, and crafting.

    Additionally, Star Ocean includes a private action system that affects the game’s branching storyline and the relationships between characters.

    Overall, Star Ocean is a fantastic game that offers a unique and engaging gameplay experience.

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    You can play Star Ocean online, in a web browser for free!

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