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    Magical Drop III

    Magical Drop III is the third installment of the Magical Drop series, released in 1997. Like its predecessor, the original arcade version of Magical Drop III was developed for the Neo Geo. Play Magical Drop III online!

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    Magical Drop III Game description

    Like Magical Drop II before it, Magical Drop III makes subtle changes to the series’s core gameplay.

    The game introduces a third button, which allows the player to willingly summon rows of balloons into their field. Players can also now simultaneously grab normal and special balloons, unlike the previous game where they can be matched together, but not grabbed together.

    Another addition is a “preset” type of frozen balloon. Like standard ice balloons, it can only be thawed when a set of balloons are cleared adjacent to them; however, the color of these preset frozen balloons are already determined and do not change based on the color of the cleared balloons.

    From an old magic book, inside the Magical Drop is a wonderful magical land. The mysterious Magical Drop will give you anything you wish. This year, many competitors are going to a great Magical Drop Meet to win the Drop. Who will win? Let’s start the fight!

    Finally, rows resulting from a player’s attacks generally no longer come into their opponent’s field evenly.

    The opponent’s columns are now raised according to character-specific sequences.

    For example, Empress’s attacks raise the opponent’s leftmost columns first, World’s attacks raise the opponent’s rightmost columns first, and Judgement’s attacks raise the opponent’s middle columns first.

    Fool and Devil are exceptions, as they retain the traditional attacks from Magical Drop and Magical Drop II which raise every column at the same time.

    You can play the game in single player modes or versus a friend in versus mode. In versus mode you get to pick your character, much like in a fighting game, each with their own counter attacks and abilities.

    Play Magical Drop III online

    You can play Magical Drop III online, in a web browser, for free!

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