League Bowling Neo Geo front cover
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    League Bowling

    League Bowling is an arcade game released in 1991 by SNK for the Neo Geo console and arcade systems. Play League Bowling online!

    Play it online!
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    Game description

    Game offers up bowling for up to four players, with two players playing simultaneously on a vertically split screen.

    Players first choose their throwing arm and ball size. Position, spin, and throwing power can all be modified before throwing.

    Played just like regulation except that a strike scores 90 points for the frame, and a spare scores 60 for the frame, with no carry-over bonus. 30 points are awarded in the case of a field goal (throwing the ball in between the 7 and 10 pins).

    Like the Flash mode, there are no bonus shots in the tenth frame.

    The maximum possible score is 900.

    Play League Bowling online

    You can play League Bowling online, in a web browser, for free!

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