Andro Dunos Neo Geo front cover
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    Andro Dunos

    Andro Dunos is a scrolling shooter arcade video game developed by Visco Corporation and originally published by SNK. Play Andro Dunos online, in a web browser.

    Play it online!
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    Andro Dunos game description

    The invasion of an unknown life source is getting worse. Nobody knows if the defensive line or the heart of the enemy base is ruined first. With the people’s hope, the most advanced fighter will be dispatched into multi-scrolling space.

    Fight your way through seven stages in this horizontal-scrolling game, and defeat a boss at the end of each one. You start the game with four main weapons, which you can switch from with the click of a button. Some of these weapons are more powerful than others.

    You can also fire off a charged shot if your main weapon level is two or greater, simply by holding down the fire button for about two seconds. Using charged shots can do more damage to an enemy ship. If you happen to die, you will lose one power level from all four weapons.

    If all your lives are lost and are forced to continue, you will start again with your main weapon on the second power level and all three sub-weapons on the first power level.

    Play Andro Dunos online

    You can play Andro Dunos online, in a web browser.

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